Staff training
The enterprise holds that the development of the enterprise is related to human resources, and the cultivation of the talent relies on training. So the group makes it a priority to fully train and educate employees.
(First) Pre-job training
The group provides everybody with pre-job training. This includes training them on how to portray a good image of the group, how to maintain a good outlook and reflect the spirit of the group. During the training the group will also covey the group's rules in great detail, educate employees on safety, and third with the study of the Weiqiao Business Employees Handbook, educate them on the business spirit and culture of the enterprise including the goals, targets, management philosophy, and a sense of self worth to cultivate a sense of responsibility and an understanding of the enterprise.
(Second)On-the-job training
The key point of this step in the process is training employees in our technology and processes. Old employees teach new employees the professional knowledge and the skills they need to solve common problems and enable the new employees to become key resources of the enterprise. A series of activities are held including organizing competitive activities to learn the new technologies, creative activities, and the exchange of technology. Every leader must takes responsibility for staff training.
(Third) Half full-time training
In order to improve staff knowledge, the enterprise organizes all the employees to be trained and encourages the staff to spend their spare time taking part in training classes. The group offers all kinds of ways to train staff and provides opportunities to exchange knowledge. Every year a group of employees will be sent abroad for further study.