Human resource strategy
Human resource strategy:
Human resources is key to realizing the group's strategy and a driver to achieving our growth. An enterprise that uses the latest management methods, an efficient system of rewards, and opportunity to grow can enable employees to realize their potential. The enterprise will develop with the employees.

Employment Principles:
Give all employees the opportunity to fully display and make the best use of their talents. To manage employees with fair human resource principles.

Talent Concept:
Our group's goal for our employees is for them "to be honest, to be professional, to be united, and to be creative". The enterprise highlights the character and capability of the employees and requires every employee to be within the spirit of creative development, and modern management. The enterprise would like to provide employees with a great working environment and development plan with a scientific management system. The talent philosophy of the enterprise is "to gather the talent with culture; to encourage the talent with salaries, to retain talent with our system, and to cultivate their careers." This can ensure the development of both the enterprise and the employees.