Grey Fabric
The Group owns shuttles, small rapier, Suzhou Bijiale large rapier, Belgium Picanol Air Injection, Japan Toyota, Japan Tsudakoma and other kinds of weaving equipments which can produce dobby series, jacquard, common air injection series, denim, and high-density series cotton, polyester cotton, hemp cotton and tencel, modal, silk cotton blend and all kinds of fabrics of more than 3000 sorts,and it can produce the width of 47″to 135″, density in warp and waft can be from 90 to 1000 grey fabric, and the weight of the cotton cloth can be from 40g/㎡ to 650g/㎡, There are 85 sets of Staubli Jacquard weaving machines,which can produce 98″, 105″, 118″, 120″,the density in warp and waft can be from 173t/inch jacquard series and two kinds of flowers width of 36 to 38cm and 72 to 74cm,and so on.
Production volume:
In 2017, the Group's production volume of grey fabric was approximately 921,000,000 meters.

Sorts of products:
The Group has about 1,000 fabric models, there are about 600 types of plain fabric (including coarse plain fabric, medium plain fabric, broad fabric, poplin broad fabric, down-proof fabric and elastic plain fabric),150 types of  twill weave fabric (including 2/1 twill weave fabrics and elastic twill weave fabric),100types of tribute silk series (including tribute silk and elastic tribute silk),100 types of jacquard series (including jacquard pattern and dobby fabric) and 50 types of khaki drills (including khaki drills and elastic khaki drills).Amongst the fabric models, higher value-added products comprising high count and high density fabric (which means, warp and weft which are both of 40 counts or above with a density of 200 individual warp and weft yarns in aggregate per inch or above),elastic and high count fabric and jacquard fabric ,account for a significant proportion.

The cotton jacquard and new type fiber jacquard developed by our company are produced with imported jacquard weaving machines. The products have the latest flowers, colors and it feels great, and it is the best choice for high class fabrics; High-density sort's products feel great with unique style and they are great choice for garments.