Denim is the main component of fabrics and it suit for all kinds of peoples. The products of the enterprise are produced with the latest dye machines, air injection machines and the after-process equipment, the cotton takes up a large part of the components. And other kinds of fibers denims are producing here. As cotton denim, cotton spandex elasticity denim, cotton Dacron elasticity denim, cotton and bamboo blend denim, bamboo joint denim in warp and waft, cotton regenerated cellulose fibers blend denim and other denim.
Production volume:
In 2017, the Group's production volume of denim was approximately 74,000,000 meters.

Sorts of products:
OE5S-40S all kinds of denim.

The quality of denim in the company is stable and the first class products proportion can be more than 99%,and the rate of export products qualified can be 100%.