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The Binzhou Association for Quality Awards Four of the Company’s Employees for Excellence and Craftsmanship
Published:2018/1/25 11:29:59 From:Weiqiao Textile Company Limited

The Binzhou Association for Quality (BAQ) held its first selection competition for Outstanding Quality Role Models, Quality Craftsmen and Excellent Quality Workers in Binzhou City, aiming to promote further improvements in quality management and core competitiveness in local enterprises, and foster companies that can be held up as industry benchmarks.

The selection process was organized by BAQ and all relevant departments, and the results were finalized after rigorous qualification examinations, data review and expert review. Zongchang Fang, from Binzhou Weiqiao Technology Industrial Park and Yuqing Zhang, from Hongru Textile, were named2017 Binzhou Outstanding Quality Role Models. Yuwei Li, from the No.6 Factory of Hongru Textile, was namedas a 2017 Binzhou Excellent Quality Worker. Ailian Yuan, from the No.14 Factory of Hongjie Textile, was named as a2017 Binzhou Quality Craftsmen.

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