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Jiakun Wei General Manager of Weiqiao Textile delivered a special report at the 2017 China Cotton Textile Conference Eight Weiqiao employees received the honorary title of China’s Top Textile Artisan
Published:2017/12/12 17:49:23 From:Weiqiao Textile Company Limited

On November 27, the 2017 China Cotton Textile Conference was held by the China Cotton Textile Association in Shanghai. A total of more than 300 officials and representatives from state ministries, industry associations and member enterprises attended the conference.

Xiaoping Duan, Vice President of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, gave an addressat the conference and Jianchun Ye, Vice President of the China Cotton Textile Association, delivered a report on cotton textile raw materials and gauze market operations. Jiakun Wei, general manager of Weiqiao, attended the conference and delivered a special report named "Inheriting the Great Artisan Spirit to Train Highly Skilled Talents."


In his speech, Xiaoping Duanpointed out that in 2017, the overall steady growth of China’s textile industry has led to noticeableimprovements in profitability and acceleration inindustry transformation, which has helped China maintain its leading position in the global market. For the first nine months in 2017, investment in China’s textile and apparel industry grew steadily. Notably, investment in the cotton textile industry remainedone of the main contributors. However, China’s textile industry still facescertain difficulties. In the future, there will still be volatility and uncertainty in the global markets, putting pressure on foreign trade. Xiaoping Duanalso mentioned some concerns and insights onthe industry. Firstly, enhancing the development of the real economystill has a long way to go, as financing difficulty in the textile industry is still a major problem. Secondly, the popular concept of a “whole industrial chain” is currently highly sought afteras a result ofthe ongoing regional structural adjustments. Xiaoping Duansuggested that people need to carefully factor in the scientific and rational allocation of resources and the sustainable development of the industry. In terms of production, the gap in cotton deserves special attention. If the gap in high-quality cotton is not properly filled, it will greatly affect the international competitiveness of China’s cotton textile industry. Using machines to replace human labor is the trend of development, and Xiaoping Duanhopes that industry associations, research institutes and manufacturing enterprises will ink close cooperation to promote intelligent production and industry progress.


In the special report, Jiakun Wei said that Weiqiao Pioneering, as a Fortune Global 500 company and a lage-scale enterprise in China’s textile industry, has unique management methods in human resources.

Jiakun Wei said that enterprises should always uphold talent cultivation through the following aspects: educative training, competition, and personnel incentives. Besides, efforts should be made to implement an incentive mechanism for skilled personnel, namely the combination of appointments and training assessments as well as an ability and performance-oriented salary system, to promote the development of highly-skilled personnel. Jiakun Wei pointed out that Weiqiao Textile has always attached great importance to and cared for technical personnel by putting “people first” at a strategic level, effectively provided assistance foremployees in both their work and life, and improved employee enthusiasm, so as to promote enterprise development and realize a virtuous circle.


Jiewen Zheng, vice chairman of the China Cotton Textile Industry Association, announced “China’s Top Textile Artisans" and presentedthe awards. After reviewing the applicants, 119 workers from the front line were awarded with“China’s Top Textile Artisan". Among them, there are 9 national model workers, 15 national and provincial NPC deputies, 3 NPC and CPPCC members, and 42 that received theChinese skill award, national technical experts awards, technical experts of the textile industry, and model workers of the textile

industry. 8 employees of our company, Qingqing Liu, Juan Liu, Shujuan Liu, Xingzhi Li, Shen Li, Yang Yang, LanlanMi, and Min Jian,received the award of "China’s Top Textile Artisan".

Deputy director Xuejun Cao, Director Jian Yin, President Beina Zhu and other relevant officials presented the awardstothe representatives of the winners. Jiewen Zheng expressed the hope that the award winners of "China’s Top Textile Artisan” will continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, cultivate new skilled workers and make greater contributions to their posts.


There was also a raw material supply and demand forum at the conference. Beina Zhu, President of the China Cotton Textile Association, presided over the forum and conducted in-depth discussions with relevant officials and cotton textile enterprise representatives regarding business operations in 2017, acceleration of technical upgrades, cotton and cotton yarn futures and impacts of non-cotton fiber applications.

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