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New product| Weiqiao Textile Technology R&D Center DevelopsPlant-derivedAntibacterial Yarn and Fabric Products
Published:2017/12/12 17:32:16 From:Weiqiao Textile Company Limited

In line with customer demand for the health, fashion and environmental protection of textiles, the Weiqiao Textile Technology R&D Center has integratedmaterial application innovationswith new spinning technology based on its own resources and technology advantages. On the basis of a series of Ivey plant-derived antibacterial yarn and fabricswhich were developed in earlier stages, Weiqiao Textile Technology R&D Centerhas developed two new series of differentiated products, namely the Ivey hollow-core yarn and fabric seriesandthe Ivey-core yarn and fabric series, which are thus farthe most competitive Weiqiaoproducts.

1. Ivey-core polyester filament yarnand shirt fabric series

Ivey antibacterial fiber is a bamboo fiber matrix, and the application of this fabric in shirt is limited by fabric strength, texture and other factors. Our innovative Ivey fiber spinning method has made a breakthrough in its applications, as the Ivey-core polyester filament yarn keeps the excellent functionality of Ivey fiber.

Ivey-core polyester filament yarn and dyed bamboo fiber add ecological beauty to the fabric. Ivey-core polyester filament makes the fabric comfortable and stylish, both with a smooth skin-friendly bamboo fiber touch while retaining the structure and texture of the shirt. A clean plaid style with a plain woven method integrates the properties of beingnaturally antibacterial, moisture absorptive,and breathable, which makes the fabric more comfortable and healthy to wear. The classic blue-dyed bamboo yarn is imbued with a plain woven mock leno weave, lattices ina golden section ratio or the stripe pattern, providing a simple yet lasting style. Thiseco-friendly fabricis made with only adesizing treatment, using no dyes nortextile dyeing nor finishing auxiliaries.


2. Ivey hollow-core yarn and high-end knitted garment fabric series

Weiqiao Textile Technology R&D Centerhas perfectly integratedthe Ivey material with technological innovations by utilizing the company’s advanced technology and equipment advantages. In addition to the natural antibacterial property, the hollow structure makes the fabric lighter, fluffier, softer and more comfortable. Besides this, the hollow structure further enhances its properties of moisture absorption, quick-dry and heat-preservation, and is also easier to dyeand reduces dye consumption. Ivey fiber and hemp fiber create a striped style through the combination of their coarse and fine yarns, with the interplay of soft Ivey fiber and tough hemp fiber. It also has excellent antibacterial properties. The new creation features varioustexturesand is suitable for different styles in high-end underwear, T-shirts, maternity and baby care products.


Both fabric series listed above won excellence awards at the Fabric China Appraisalat the 2017 China International Fabrics Design Competition.

The development of Ivey fiber and its applicationswere done through anew yarn and fabric technologyinnovation alliance,which includes theNational Textile Product Development Center, the China Tanboocel Union and our Company. Ivey fiber is a new type of bamboo-pulp fiber which contains natural wormwood ingredients, with the most important featuresbeing plant-derived antibacterial and significant antibacterial bacteriostatic effects.

Weiqiao Textile Technology R&D Center integrates customer demand into the whole process of product development through the utilization of the company’s collaborative innovation advantagesin the whole industry chain and targeting customers’ demand, usage, preference and behavior.Also, Weiqiao Textile Technology R&D Centerinnovatesat multiple levelsincludingmaterial application, spinning form, organizational structureand style based on customer demand research.

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