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Weiqiao Textile Technology R&D Center Developed Double-core Spandex Yarn and Double-core Spandex Denim Fabric
Published:2017/11/26 16:56:04 From:Weiqiao Textile Company Limited

In line with increasing customer demand for fabrics with higher levels of comfort, shaping, long-lasting elasticity and low deformation rate, Weiqiao has recently developed a double-core spandex yarn to meet these consumer needs and applied it to denim fabric to further enrich our product offerings.

Spandex denim fabric is usually made of ordinary cotton-core spandex yarn that features shaping functions, which is popular among young women. However, this kind of fabric loses elasticity and creates partial bulges as wearing time and laundry time increases. After studying market needs and fabric characteristics, Weiqiao developed a new double-core spandex yarn and double-core spandex denim fabric. Double-core spandex yarn normally has cotton fiber on the outer layer, T400 elastic filament covers the inner layer and spandex filament in the core. Compared with ordinary cotton-core spandex yarn, double-core spandex yarn achieves better elasticity, dimensional stability and has a lower shrinkage rate. Moreover, double-core spandex fabric has greater strength and dries more quickly, which could easily solve the elasticity loss and deformation problems that occur with ordinary cotton core spandex fabrics.

The double-core yarn series adopts a new type of yarn spun staple fiber filament device, and features higher quality and stability. Double-core denim fabric uses bamboo warp yarn to maintain the slubs feature while adding good flexibility. The spandex yarn would fully shrink after washing, and the T400 fiber inside the yarn will help stabilize the elasticity, allowing it to keep its appearance, flexibility and durability without large levels of deformation after washing. In laboratory tests, different varieties of fabrics recorded 25% to 35% in elastic elongation rate, and more than 90% elastic recovery rate. These results highlight the elasticity and stability of double-core elastic yarn and its ability to be used in high quality products targeting the current market demand.
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